Breakfast: Life-saver or lie?

How important is breakfast really?

View from above of a typical French breakfast with freshly baked flaky croissants with a pat of butter and a mug of strong black filter coffee

We’ve heard it all before. You skip breakfast and you’re done for the day. You may as well eat a tub of butter and drink only Mountain Dew because nothing else you do is going to counteract the fact that you skipped breakfast. But how true is this really?

Scientists and nutritionists place the importance of breakfast on the fact that it supposedly kicks starts your metabolism in the morning, after it went on hibernation during your sleep. Breakfast also replenishes the levels of glucose in your body, providing you heaps of energy for the day ahead.  According to the Better Health Vic website, lack of breakfast makes children heavier, slower and much more tired.

But recent reports state that many of the studies on the importance of breakfast have shown no cause-and-effect results, it’s all purely observed. This means that the positive effects observed in breakfast eaters may actually not have anything to do with the bit of toast they’re crunching, and more to do with the fact that they won a genetic lottery.

So which is it? Breakfast can either reduce your chances of heart failure and lower cholesterol, or simply just be another meal. It all boils down to the person. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re not, don’t. And if you really want to lower your risk of heart failure by eating in the morning- then you’re going to have to skip the fun stuff. You’ll be better off choking back some wholegrain Bran Plus.


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