Step Away From That Sushi!

Sushi Roll

It’s not as good for you as you think. In news that will surely be devastating to gym junkies and hipsters everywhere, sushi actually doesn’t offer you all that much in terms of nutrition. Most white rice rolls of sushi are bound together with a combination of sauces, sugar and vinegar so that is doesn’t all drop out onto your keyboard when you’re eating lunch at your desk. It’s this combination, however, that makes it more unhealthy for you, as there is commonly a low rice to fish ratio.

Where a good amount of fish is generally considered to be at 140g per serve, there is often only 5g put into your tuna and avocado roll. There is also the slight risk that eating too many portions of sushi will expose you to unhealthy mercury levels, which is why pregnant women are advised against eating it. So when you’re out at your next sushi train gathering, try to stick with brown rice rolls, as they are more nutritional than white rice. Also, as heartbreaking as the news is, head away from the tempura sections, the batter and the fried method of cooking are dragging your healthy lunch option down. Another thing that may be difficult for some people to read is to lay off the soy sauce; it’s high sodium content means that it will contribute way too much salt to your diet.

Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom, sushi is still a passable option, and there are many other things you can try off the menu in order to keep it healthy. Try pairing wasabi or ginger with your California roll; the wasabi has antibacterial properties that can help ward off food poisoning, whilst the ginger will clear your sinuses. And when you’re choosing fish, don’t go past mackerel. It’s a high protein fish that is often low in mercury levels.



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