The War of the Cokes

It feels like since the beginning of man, there has been a great divide: those who drink Coke, and those who drink Diet Coke. For years, there have been debates on the topic; insults have been hurled, facts have been presented, but what is the real truth? Is Diet Coke better or worse for you than regular Coke? If you’re hoping the Diet in front of the Coke held the answers to your salvation, we’re sorry to disappoint you. It seems that drinking Diet Coke is really not a healthy choice. In fact, it appears you’d be better off just drinking the regular kind, or maybe the vanilla flavour if you’re feeling fancy.

Drinking Diet Coke can actually have serious effects on your health- and it all comes down to the artificial sweetener. In theory, it sounds perfect. Tricking your body with the old ‘it’s not sugar’ fake out, but that’s actually where the problems begin. Because you’ve fooled your body into thinking it’s the real deal, it now has no idea what to do when actual sugar comes pouring down. Your body doesn’t release the hormone it should when dealing with sugar, and so sugar isn’t absorbed into your blood stream as it should be.

It gets worse. It seems that the drink you choose in order to not pile on the pounds could be making you do just that. In a series of studies, there have been links between drinking soft drinks with artificial sweetener and weight gain. Also connected to diet soft drinks are metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol and even strokes.  There have even been studies which suggest that pregnant women should not drink diet soft drinks at all.

There are a few dodgy ingredients that are in Diet Coke, and have been found to be not that good for you.  One such ingredient is aspartame, a sweetener which might trick your body into weight gain, and in test on animals has shown an increase in cancer. Another one is caramel colouring, which also had carcinogenic results in animal testing. So, it seems the evidence is mounting. Whilst Coke might not be the healthiest drink choice, it seems that Diet Coke also helps you gain weight. We suppose there is one plus side: at least it’s not Pepsi.


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