Night Snacking

Whoever started the rumour that you shouldn’t eat food after a certain time at night, must go to sleep as soon as the sun goes down. Who amongst us can honestly say they haven’t been awake at 3am with a rumbling stomach, and then proceeded to eat their weight in snacks? There are so many versions of this myth: you shouldn’t eat after 7pm, wait- maybe it’s 8pm, or maybe it’s after the second ad break in The Walking Dead.

So what’s the deal with night eating? Turns out, this is an untrue myth. People tend to use this myth in association with weight loss- as its commonly believed that eating after a certain time makes you gain weight. However, it’s not the time of day that should concern you when trying to lose weight, but rather the amount of kilojoules you’ve eaten. When trying to get ready for bikini season, you need to make sure that you burn as many kilojoules as you consume, if you don’t, that’s where the weight gain is likely to happen.

So, if by the time 8pm rolls around, you have already eaten the recommended amount of kilojoules in a day, and the only exercise you see yourself doing is reaching for the remote, then sadly you’re going to have to put that bowl of cereal away.  If you haven’t however, then feel free to go ahead and eat those Coco Pops, you’ll be fine.

If you are a night snacker, then one great way to burn off the kilojoules you’re eating is to exercise whilst you’re watching your TV shows! Head on over to this awesome Tumblr and see if your favourite show is there!


2 thoughts on “Night Snacking

  1. So basically its all about living a balanced diet with regular exercise and your 2 fruit 5 veg daily, not the time or the place.


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