The Caffeine Lie


We get it. Maybe you need it to get through that 8am meeting at work. Maybe you need it to finish that essay you were meant to start three weeks ago. Or maybe you’re just that keen that pumpkin spice season is back at Starbucks. Whatever you need it for, it’s impossible to admit that that cup of caffeine in your hand is a cup of death. So don’t worry- because it isn’t.

Caffeine has gotten a seriously bad rap over the years, and it’s time to debunk some of these myths. Before we forge ahead, we want to say that it is recommended that you keep it to three cups a day max. But it’s really not the liquid evil that many people paint it to be.

First things first: provided you’re not tapping a vein and funnelling caffeine into your bloodstream, chances are it’s not going to cause heart disease or cancer. Caffeine has even been discovered to possibly help in the fight against cancer, and for heart disease there has been no evidence to suggest that the recommended amount of caffeine increases your blood cholesterol or changes the frequency of your heart beat. Caffeine has even been proven to increase cognitive function through improving memory, alertness and reasoning.

We should also address some of the false positives attributed to caffeine. Sorry everyone, but caffeine does not sober you up. Drinking a cup of coffee will not make it okay or safe for you to drive, your abilities will still be impaired and your chances of getting in an accident will still be high. The only solution to this problem is to wait it out. Caffeine also doesn’t help you lose weight, this myth started because of the fact that caffeine increases your metabolism. And whilst this is true, it doesn’t do it to such a rate that will be effective for weight loss.

So just remember when you’re one hipster friend is shaming you for not ordering tea, that coffee and caffeine is not bad for you. You simply need to keep your caffeine hits to three times a day. If there are any ‘addicts’ out there let us give you some advice for cutting back: don’t go cold turkey. That will only make you experience withdrawal symptoms. Instead, wean yourself off it slowly, this will be a lot easier.


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