The Truth About Chocolate and Acne

When you were in high school, did you ever eat some form of chocolatey goodness only to break out with the kind of pimples you thought existed only in nightmares? It was probably at this point, when you were trying to figure out if you could get away with wearing a balaclava to science, that every person you’d ever met suddenly gained a medical degree and diagnosed you: you got the pimples, because you ate chocolate.

We’re here to say that this rumour is more fiction than fact. There is no evidence at all to support the claim that chocolate gives you acne. In fact, there’s nothing to suggest that eating any fatty foods will directly cause your skin to erupt with a pimple colony. So where does this come from? The rumour is likely given weight by the fact that a diet that is high in both sugar and fat can have detrimental side effects to your body, one being that it may lead to acne. So if you are a chocolate-lover, make sure you supplement your daily dose with foods that aren’t so high in sugar and fat. This will ensure your body is still getting the nutrients it needs, and will give you healthy skin to boot.

In order to celebrate the debunking of this slanderous myth (and just in time for Halloween too!), we’re ranking our top 5 ways to consume chocolate:

  1. Chocolate and Coffee:

I’m not afraid to admit it- sometimes coffee by itself is just too much for me to handle. That’s why  Mocha’s are my go-to drink for a caffeine hit

  1. Chocolate Ice-Cream:

It’s summer, and your skin is melting like the Wicked Witch of the West’s. So what better way to embrace the heat than to cool down with chocolate ice-cream? Because let’s be real, those other flavours don’t come close.

  1. Chocolate Biscuits:

If you’re Australian, chances are you were born and bred on Tim Tams, man’s greatest achievement. But we’re not haters, any chocolate biscuit will do: from Oreo’s to cookies, we love them all.

  1. Chocolate and Cake:

From mud cake, to cheesecake, to cupcakes and brownies: any form of cake will do. Why do people even pretend there are other kinds of cake out there?

  1. Chocolate Blocks:

Obviously the best way to eat chocolate is in its untainted form: just one whole block and nothing else. And for when you’re feeling a little cray, you might mix it up with a combination of white, milk and dark.

What’s your favourite way to eat chocolate? Let us know!